Quality Assurance on Automotive Projects

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Pareto principle – 80% of problems we experience in mass production have their root causes in pre-production phases. Managers do not have people to work on projects but there’s always still enough money to pay scrap & invoices and people to solve claims. And the “vicious cycle” repeats again.

Process FMEA is taken over from similar projects in the past, for SPC the best parts are taken or results “optimized” … Everything is perfect! But, and nobody knows why, the plant has a high internal scrap, claims from the customer or missing capacity… Those who accuse and those who are accused change their positions reciprocally. But there’s also another way…

Your needs are:

  • Understand the real principles of quality assurance on a project
  • Know the basic quality tools for quality assurance and their right
    use and added value for plant
  • Plan the quality assurance on a project
  • Control and update the quality assurance plan
  • Hand over the project to the mass production team as expected
  • Evaluate the project from quality point of view, Lessons Learned
  • Continuously improve the system of project launch

Target group:

  • Project Managers / Team members
  • Quality (Project/Massprod.)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Functional Managers

Training content:

  • Automotive project management principles
  • Quality role in the project team
  • Overview of main quality tools in project pre-production phases
  • Planning of quality assurance on an automotive project
    •  RFQ & Design (even if managed by company headquarter)
    •  Off-tool phase
    •  Off-process phase
    •  SOP+3 months/SOP+6 months phases
  • Plan and control of cost and resources for project quality
  • Project hand over to the mass production team
  • Process of project quality continuous improvement

Duration: 2 days.

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.