Quality Assurance on Automotive Projects

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Pareto principle – 80% of problems we experience in mass production have their root causes in the project phase. The training module does not deal with detailed explanation of different quality tools but explains their real meaning and exemplify how should they be planned and prepared over an automotive project so that those quality tools do not become only a “paperwork” but the project team gets the real added value from them.
The mindset of the training module is that the objective is not to have customer PPAP approved but to keep the commitment given in PPAP all over the production phase. And the quality tools used in the project phase can contribute to this objective to a large extend.

Your needs are:

  • Understand the real principles of quality assurance on an automotive project
  • Set the mindset that the main customer of the project team is the serial production team.
  • Know the key quality tools for quality assurance, their right
    use and added value for the project/serial production team
  • Plan the quality assurance on a new project, including customer specific requirements (examples of several automotive OEMs)
  • Control and update the quality assurance plan
  • Hand over the project to the mass production team
  • Evaluate the project from quality point of view, Lessons Learned

Target group:

  • Project Managers / Team members
  • Quality (Project/Massprod.)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Functional Managers

Training content:

  • Automotive project management principles
  • Quality Project Team Member role in the project team, final production plant involvement to new developments
  • Internal Project Management System vs. Customer Specific Requirements – how to cascade the CSRs into the internal PM system
  • Overview of the main quality tools in pre-production phases – how to use them to get the real added value
  • Planning of quality assurance on an automotive project
    • RFQ phase
    • Design phase
    • Off-tool phase
    • Off-process phase
    • SOP+3 months/SOP+6 months phases
  • Plan and control of cost and resources for project quality
  • Project hand over to the mass production team
  • Project close down and Lessons Learned application

Duration: 2 days.

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.