Supply Chain Development

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Going down in the supply chain of the automotive industry, in practice the requirements decrease. Tier-1 supplier must reach high automotive standards, on the other hand the processes of Tier-2 or Tier-3 suppliers are far from “best practice”. The same as practically all OEMs invest resources into Supply Chain development, also the investments of Tier-1/Tier-2 suppliers into their strategic sub-suppliers development may be an investment that will come back very quickly.

Your needs are:

  • Have reliable suppliers of components
  • Decrease the issues you experience due to purchased products
  • Help your suppliers reach desired quality level
  • Continuously improve the cooperation with your suppliers

Support options:

  • Audit of the sub-suppliers to define the current process status
  • Proposal of action plan for improvement
  • Trainings on specific automotive tools
  • Coaching of the suppliers to reach the desired level
  • Measurement of the added value for the customer

Duration: according to supplier’s specific needs

Price: upon agreement

Send request to: office@abp-management.com