Design training module CATIA V5 Expert

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A complex training course for CATIA V5 users. The participants will be able to work independently on automotive projects with this software used by many customers in the automotive industry. The main objective of the module is to teach designers how to start a complex design project from its specifications and prepare it using existing design data.

Your needs are:

  • Educate development engineers able to work on automotive
    projects in CATIA V5 environment
  • Improve the existing skills of the development team

Target group:

  • Design engineers
  • People working with CATIA V5

Training content:

Part 1 – Design of complex part

  •  CATIA working environment
  •  Analysis and work with objects
  •  CATIA documents and working areas
  •  Material and Physicalattributes of a part
  •  Introduction to Part Design
  •  Profiles creation and connection – Sketcher environment
  •  Creation of draft operations
  •  Applications of visual operations
  •  Surface operations
  •  Transformation operations
  •  Operations copy, powercopy and catalogues – basics
  •  Part modifications
  •  Part descriptions
  •  Measurement

Part 2 – Creation ofdrawings

  •  Drawings creation introduction(Generative Drafting )
  •  Empty drawing, main view
  •  Input and edition of frames and corner stamp
  •  Transformation of 3D views into a drawing
  •  Change of view places and attributes
  •  Quotations, description, marking
  •  Design changes and print

Part 3 – Creation of Assembly design

  •  Assembly Design introduction
  •  Creation and assembly od components
  •  Components mouvement
  •  Asssembly of component composition
  •  Modification and visualization of designs
  •  Principles of drawing in Assembly Design
  •  Operations in Assembly Design

Part 4 – Surfacing

  •  Introduction to Generative shape design
  •  Creation of wireframe geometry and surfaces
  •  Operations with wire and surface geometry
  •  Hybrid modeling (combination of volume, wire and surface elements)  
  •  Modification of surfacing
  •  GS Design environment change and characteristics

Part 5 – Solidity analysis

  •  Part and Assembly solidity analysis
  •  Analysis of tensions, deformations and reactions

Part 6 – Cinematics and Space analysis – digital mockup

  •  Creation of cinematics assemblies, simulations, speed and acceleration progress
  •  Space measurement, collision identification, minimal distances

Part 7 – Final Case Study

  •  Verification of the acquired knowledge on a test example

Duration: Depends on chosen modules (parts), only at supplier’s location.

Price: Based on a specific offer prepared for the customer