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Training module animated by an experienced senior quality manager with experience on 4 STELLANTIS launches and in charge of approval of supplier deliverables in PLM project. The PLM platform training module explains in detail all main functions of the application that the user should be able to perform. The training participant will be able to communicate, share, quotate product and process lifecycle documentation and data in a secure and complex environment. It is recommended that there is at least 1 access to PLM application per training group so that all functionalities can be explained on-line as a part of a workshop.

Your needs are:

  • Understand the meaning of PLM and its places in STELLANTIS part development system
  • Correctly communicate with your customer all over the product lifecycle
  • Manage the accesses to the application and assure that all project stakeholders have the right access
  • Manage the changes in project and production phase from technical and commercial perspective
  • Use all main functionalities all the application
  • Solve the frequent blocking points the PLM platform users experience
  • Practice all acquired knowledge

Target Group:

  • Project Managers of STELLANTIS projects
  • Project Team Members working on STELLANTIS projects

Training content:

Basics of STELLANTIS APQP, overview of APQP Matrix

PLM platform – functions, user profiles

APQP Grid in PLM

PLM Grid configuration

APQP Grid initialization

Document upload, confirmation of uploaded document

Deliverable assessment and document status change

Management of an action plan

Uploading of documents to DocInfo Groupe and the link to PLM

Management of modifications in PLM, FETE and FIPA Amendment, workflow of change management process

Main issues with PLM and proposals of solutions

Tips & Tricks how to easily use PLM

on-line workshop – all main functions explained on a real example (without saving any data)

Duration:  1 day

In-house module in customer location only / on-line