STELLANTIS New Supplier Assessment

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In order to get a business award from STELLANTIS with intention to produce parts in a production plant that is not supplying STELLANTIS, the supplier shall submit with its quote also the NSA audit of this location. This audit is provided by a 3rd party provider. ABP Management is approved by STELLANTIS to perform this audit. Qualified auditor will first train your employees on the audit tool, answer all questions you may have to prepare you on the self-assessment and audit.

Your needs are:

  • Get the business award from STELLANTIS
  • Produce parts in a plant that is not supplying STELLANTIS yet
  • Understand the NSA tool
  • Be able to execute a self-assessment
  • Prepare the plant for the audit
  • Identify the gaps and improve your quality system

Support options:

  • First on-line training to explain the NSA tool
  • Answer all questions the supplier may have
  • Coach/Train the supplier on NSA tool (part of QIP tool, training module CSR-09 QIP V3.3 (NSA, PCPA, QSB+)
  • Approve the timing
  • Evaluate the supplier self-assessment
  • Execute the audit
  • Follow the action plan with the supplier

Duration: According to supplier’s specific needs

Price: Based on the offer

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