TPM Workshop

The best way how to solve a problem is to avoid it. At ABP Management we have no doubt that each automotive company has heard and many of them also implemented TPM  a long time ago. But still there are some issues – TPM system is not working properly, missing improvement of the system, machine breakdowns despite TPM, etc.  

ABP’s Management expert on TPM will analyze your current process of preventive maintenance, breakdowns impact on production and in cooperation with your team will try to find ideas for improvement. Some time after the action plan implementation (e.g. 6 months-1 year) our coach will come back to your plant to check the added value of the mission (OEE change, breakdown change, capacity increase, etc.)

Your needs are:

  • Implement an efficient preventive maintenance in plant
  • Improve the machine efficiency and decrease the number or   breakdowns
  • Increase the machine/line capacity
  • Get ideas on preventive maintenance improvement

Support options

  • TPM implementation in the plant
  • Analysis of current TPM processes and its improvement
  • Setting the process of TPM continuous improvement

Duration: According to supplier’s specific needs

Price: Upon agreement

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