Capacity Audit (R@R, PCAT, 2-TP, …) – preparation & execution

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Capacity audit preparation starts already in project calculation and process conception phase, and is confirmed before the kick-off of project specific production means. Despite those planning activities many suppliers have problems to prove sufficient capacity to the customer. Another problem for production/logistics to reach this capacity even if the capacity audit passed successfully.
The training module is animated by an experienced trainer who has executed dozens of capacity audits and during the sessions will share his experience with training participants. One day training session can be extended by one-day on-site workshop.

Your needs are:

  • Eliminate the risk of insufficient production capacity for customer
  • Prepare your plant on capacity audit in a robust way
  • Create an internal document (coming out from flow chart) that would correctly calculate the capacities based on input data
  • Prepare and implement the action plan in case of unsuccessful capacity audit
  • Assure sufficient process capacity over the serial production phase

Target group:

  • Process Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Production
  • Logistics (Production Planning)

Training content (1 day):

  • Capacity assurance versus Capacity verification
  • Automotive OEMs requirements on capacity (examples)
  • Process development based on customer capacity requirements
  • Process of capacity audit preparation
  • Capacity audit execution
    • Verification of serial conditions in production
    • Definition of capacity audit batch size
    • Calculation of Target capacity for every process
    • Input indicators (working time, number of shifts, OEE, scrap rate, cumulated scrap to re-impact, …)
  • Capacity audit evaluation
  • Capacity shortages – solution ideas
  • Workshop (on-site) – 1 day (optional)

Duration: 1 day + 1 day workshop (optional)

In-house module in customer location only