Statistical Process Control (SPC) & its Efficient Application

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Statistics are a very powerful tool. But only when used properly. Our trainer graduated from Mathematical & Physical faculty working in the automotive industry over 20 years will explain to your team in a simple and practical way what is in fact SPC and how to use it correctly to improve the production process and product quality. Many examples will be given to the participants and the company may decide to apply selected tools on their own data.

Your needs are:

  • Implement SPC in a correct way
  • Do not cheat on capability results to get the customer’s approval but really smooth the process
  • Measure, analyze and evaluate the process parameters
  • Keep the production process stable and under control
  • Define the right regulation charts
  • Illustrate the theoretical information on Case Studies or on your own processes
  • Continuously use SPC as a strategic tool for quality assurance

Target group:

  • Internal and Customer Quality
  • Supplier Quality
  • Production
  • Continuous improvement
  • Managers on all levels

Training content:

  • Why to use statistical tools in the automotive industry?
  • Principles of SPC
  • Process of SPC implementation
  • Use of SPC and data analysis
  • Regulation charts and control limits calculation
  • Attributive control charts
  • Non-usual process impacts and Regulation charts
  • Capability – Cm/Cmk, Cp/Cpk, Pp/Ppk
  • How to use the capability for process improvement?
  • Examples of capability studies for selected OEMs
  • Example of an SPC software
  • Case Studies

Duration: 2 days.

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training.