FMEA (acc. to VDA/AIAG 2019)

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FMEA as the tool of management of known and potential failure modes is applied on all levels of supply chain. Sometimes the biggest issues with FMEA is not the understanding of the method but the change of people mindset to understand this tool not as customer requirement but a real need to prevent failure occurence. The training module QUA-08 FMEA (acc. to AIAG/VDA) explains the requirements of the common norm of American and German automotive industry associations.
The hard copy of the publication FMEA VDA/AIAG 2017 in Czech language (1 book per group) is a part of the training materials.

Your needs are:

  • Manage the product/process risks in a preventive way
  • Use FMEA as a strategic tool of company know-how
  • Understand the process of FMEA creation
  • Have allocated time and resources to create the tool
  • Define of potential failures modes and their impacts
  • Use FMEA strategically to improve quality
  • Satisfy your customer requirements

Target group:

  • FMEA animator
  • Quality
  • Production
  • FMEA creation team
  • Project team
  • Technology

Training content:

  • FMEA as a part of quality assurance system, FMEA types
  • Planning of FMEA preparation on a new project, new 7-step approach
  • FMEA document structure
  • Identification of potential failure modes
  • Definition of indexes of Severity, Occurrence & Detection and action priority definition
  • OEM requirements on FMEA
  • Correlation between FMEA and other quality assurance documents
  • Exercises

Duration: 2 days.

In-house module in customer location only