5S in Production & Administration

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Standardization, visual management and continuous improvement are the main contributions of a simple but powerful tool 5S. Using this method the operator will have only necessary objects close to his or her workplace, production and administration will be clean, visual management at high level and set standards may continuously improve. In addition to the understanding of 5S methodology the participants will be able to implement 5S audit system in the production and in offices.

Your needs are:

  • Understand the 5S principles
  • Increase the operators, maintenance or administration efficiency
  • Avoid issues you experience due to inefficient organization of workplaces
  • Improve the visual management in the company
  • Establish the system of 5S audits
  • Reach the expected objectives in a short period of time
  • Implement acquired knowledge in practice

Target group:

  • Continuous improvement specialist
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Administration
  • Production
  • Functional Managers

Training content:

  • 5S history and its place in company processes
  • 5S versus Lean production and Standardization
  • Management responsibility
  • 5 steps of the method
    • Sort
    • Straighten
    • Shine
    • Standardize
    • Sustain
  • Process of 5S implementation in plant
  • Examples from practice (before and after)

Duration: 2 days

In-house module in customer location only