Shopfloor management

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Shop floor management is the most effective form of leadership on site. It supports the consistent development of processes and procedures where they happen. The presence of managers in production areas and their focus on deviations from standards ensures quick decisions and solutions implemented directly. Shop floor management safeguards lean success and with it a new corporate culture. ABP Management training and support contains the preparation of the shop floor management system for the company and/or training of all Managers and Members..

Your needs are:

  • Create an effective performance management system in order to   avoid ambiguities and transfer the information
  • Define important metrics transparent to all people
  • Create visual system that helps drive performance dialogs to improve performance in “real time”
  • Get a tool to drive productivity
  • Improve the overall results of the production plant
  • Understand the principles of self-motivation and motivation of other people

Target group:

  • Managers at all levels
  • Teamleaders
  • Office workers
  • Shiftleaders

Training content:

  • Introducton – main communication problems in a production company
  • Communication styles
  • Management of conflicts
  • How to delegate and mental maps
  • Achievement of  objectives
  • Stress management
  • Efficient people motivation
  • Communication processes set-up

Duration: 1 day

In-house module in customer location only