Process Engineer in the Automotive Industry

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Complex training module that will prepare the trainees on work of Process Engineer.


Automotive Project Management for Process Engineers – 2 days

  • WBS of the Organization and standard tasks of Process Engineer on an automotive project
  • Customer Specific Requirements (CSR) – what does it mean and what’s the impact on production process?
  • Project team and communication over the project, cooperation between Process Engineer and Project Team Members and Production
  • Risk analysis for Process Engineer
  • Project Master plan (scheduling of Process Engineer main tasks)
  • Standard project phases and milestones in the automotive industry
  • Calculation of production cost in project RFQ phase based on customer requirements
  • Investment planning based on the calculation of production cost
  • Trial and pre-serial production planning
  • Process Engineer check-list while overtaking the project to serial production phase


Quality for Process Engineers – 2 days

  • Quality? Customer satisfaction while having the minimal cost for the organization.
  • Produced vs. controlled quality
  • Tolerance studies for Process Engineers
  • Product feasibility study from process point of view
  • Process Engineer role in DFMEA/PFMEA preparation process
  • SPC for Process Engineers
  • MSA for Process Engineers
  • Control plan for Process Engineers
  • Rework – rules for rework operation, creation of instructions
  • Internal production release – main rules
  • Customer production release (PPAP), examples of OEMs (Daimler, VW, STELLANTIS, Renault-Nissan,…)
  • Main KPIs for Process Engineer
  • Process audit acc. to VDA 6.3 requirements
  • Management of non-conform/suspicious parts from production


Production Preparation – 1,75 day

  • Definition of prototype production process
  • Definition of production operation duration based on automotive standards (MTM, REFA,…)
  • Balancing of workstations
  • Concept and verification of serial production process
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Creation of lean lay-outs
  • Ergonomics for Process Engineers
  • Working Instructions
  • Process of operators training
  • Preparation of RFQs for purchased of project specific production means (tools, line, …)
  • Availability of Spare parts for (critical) machines and tools
  • Back-up plans

Logistics for Process Engineers  –  0,25 day

  • Definition and calculation of packaging quantity for internal, customer and sub-supplier flow
  • Customer forecasts and orders – impact on process
  • Pull system in production planning
  • Production planning impact on process


Lean Manufacturing  – 0,75 day

  • Types of waste and their elimination
  • 5S in production
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Continuous improvement (CI)

Capacity planning and verification – 0,75 day

  • OEM specific requirements on capacity (examples of VW, STELLANTIS, Renault, Daimler, …)
  • Process calculations and capacity assurance definition
  • Capacity verification before project specific production means purchase
  • Project ramp-up curve
  • Internal and customer capacity audit (VW, STELLANTIS, Renault, …)

Problem solving tools and methods – 0,25 day

  • Daily production meetings for Process Engineers
  • Overview of problem solving tools and methods
  • Process Lessons Learned management

Final test – 0,25 day

Duration: 8 days (4 modules, each of them 2 days)

In-house module in customer location only