Negotiations Skills

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Negotiation is a skill that we have been developing since our childhood. Often it’s understood that if I win, the other party will loose. ABP Management training module on negotiation skills offers the participants an overview of the most relevant negotiation tools and technics and underlines the psychological facts of any negotiation. Respect of moral values and understanding of potential threats from the other sides are the key assumption not only to negotiate the desired agreement but also to develop further cooperation between negotiators.

Your needs are:

  • Achieve better results in both formal and informal negotiations
  • Understand the negotiation tools and practices
  • Build confidence in your negotiation power and skills
  • Improve negotiations by managing your emotions and influencing others
  • Build positive, productive relationships with all people involved in negotiations
  • Reach win-win outcomes

Target group:

  • Commercial Department
  • Purchasing
  • Employees involved in negotiation processes

Training content:

  • Negotiation strategy
  • Negotiation – competition or cooperation?
  • 3P rule – Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!
  • Identification of interests, priorities, and goals of all parties
  • BATNA identification
  • How to give offers?
  • Negotiate, do not manipulate!
  • Pay attention on treacherous negotiations practices!
  • Case Study

Duration: 2 days

In-house module at customer location only