Leadership that Gets Results

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“Managers should become leaders!” Probably there’s no manager who has not heard this saying. People are not always born as Leaders, the good news is that leadership techniques can be taught. ABP’s Management trainer having a long experience in leading teams on all organizational levels will share with you his knowledge and experience with leading and motivating people to reach common objectives.

Your needs are:

  • Become a leader that people will follow
  • Give clear directions
  • Change the managerial style from “Push” to “Pull”
  • Have proactive and independent people in your team
  • Apply different leadership styles in different situations
  • Help and support accomplish their tasks people whenever needed
  • Connect people to a bigger picture
  • Develop new leaders

Target group:

  • Plant Managers
  • HR
  • Department Managers
  • Business Leaders

Training content:

  • Manage yourself – lead others!
  • Psychological aspects of being a Leader
  • Employee motivation, retention and loyalty
  • Leader = meaning maker?
  • Adjust your leadership style!
  • Leadership technics
  • No leadershhip without trust. How to build trust?
  • Tailored recognition
  • Leadership communication
  • Alternative approach to  Leadership
  • Continuous improvement of leadership
  • Case Study

Duration: 2 days

In-house module at customer location only