Time Management

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When we ask managers and regular employees what do they miss the most, often the answer is – “time”. In some companies, when you work less than 10 hours per day it means that you do not have enough work and people are afraid to leave the office before 5 p.m. Time management might not be the right name for a training module as we cannot manage time, only our activities. We teach, coach and mentor people how to identify the priorities and organize their tasks to get the maximum from time spent at work and, last but not least, put into equilibrium private and professional life.

Your needs are:

  • Significantly improve the efficiency of your work
  • Spent less time on “urgent” matters that had to be prepared for “yesterday”
  • Eliminate “time stress”
  • Focus on strategic and  important activities
  • Plan your long term and short term tasks
  • Correctly apply the Time management tools

Target group:

  • All company employees

Training content:

  • Time management role at work
  • Manage yourself! Manage working environment! Manage relations!
  • Task prioritization, planning and scheduling
  • Task delegation
  • Multitasking – yes or no?
  • Stress Management
  • Barriers to effective time management
  • Test: How is your Time mangement?
  • Workshop based on a Case Study

Duration: 1 day

In-house module at customer location only