Financial Tools and Practices for Non-Financial Managers

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Not only accountants and financial managers deal with financial tools. It’s highly likely that also other managers will be in contact with a Balance sheet, financial KPIs, take the right actions based on a financial statement or will have to understand the accounting terminology. The training module “Financial Tools and Practices for Non-Financial Managers” will allow you to get familiar with the world of the financial management and use them correctly during your daily business.

Your needs are:

  • Understand the basics of financial management of an enterprise
  • Understand the vocabulary used in the finance world
  • Be able to read the basic financial statements
  • Understand why “Cash is king”
  • Take the right actions coming out from financial statements
  • Set and follow the right financial KPIs
  • Use the financial tools  at work

Target group:

  • Plant Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Employees who need to understand financial basics

Training content:

  • Introduction to the Financial Management
  • Basics of accounting
  • Company financial health
  • How to compile a budget
  • How to read the Balance Sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • How to read the financial statements?
  • Financial KPIs (RoI, RoE, …)
  • Warning financial signals

Duration: 2 days

In-house module in customer location only