Production Logistics

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The most missing resource for logistics specialists is time (it does not mean they have much time). When you continue the discussion and ask them what is the proportion of working time they allocate to problem solving, quite often the answer is above 50%. The following question: “What do you do with that?” will terminate the discussion.
Serial logistics functionally also chronologically follows the project logistics. If the project logistics is underestimated, then serial logistics suffers every year after. Often project documentation or information is missing and robust work is replaced by daily operative business. The training module “Serial Logistics” deals with the main tools the serial logistics specialists should know and recommends how to use them so that they serve us and we do not serve them.

Your needs are:

  • Minimize the time at work you allocate to problem solving
  • Take over well prepared projects to the mass production
  • Get all necessary documents and information
  • Know the most important logistics tools for mass production
    and use them in an efficient way
  • Continuously improve the logistics processes

Target group:

  • Serial Logistics
  • Project Logistics
  • Production
  • Production planning
  • Quality
  • Functional Managers

Training content:

  • Introduction to logistics management in the automotive industry
  • Cooperation between project and serial logistics
  • Application of logistics Lessons Learned on new projects
  • Process of project handover to the mass production (logistics)
  • Internal communication and communication with the customer
  • Packaging and warehousing management
  • Production planning
  • Logistics claims management
  • Logistics claims management (overview) and Lessons Learned
  • Real measurement of logistics performance
  • “End of life” of a project

Duration: 2 days.

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.