Volkswagen Group Logistics Standards

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A complex training program on VW Group upstream logistics standards that must be understood by the supplier in order to set robust internal processes. Starting from the RFQ, through development up to the mass production phase the training program covers all key logistics processes such as b2b portal, transport, packaging, capacity & forecasts/orders management, claims, logistics performance, spare parts, etc. The training sessions are animated by an experienced trainer having a long year & hands-on experience with this customer.

Your needs are:

  • Correctly use portal b2b for all logistics processes
  • Know your logistics KPIs and follow them
  • Successfully launch a new project from logistics perspective
  • Understand your capacity commitments and respect them
  • Manage EDI messages
  • Handle packaging in an efficient way & avoid extra cost
  • Reply to the customer logistics claims
  • Set a robust system for Spare Parts management
  • Finish a project without obsolete stock

Target Group:

  • Logistics
  • Key Account Managers
  • Continuous improvement
  • Internal auditors
  • Production

Training content:

  • Sequence 1 – B2B Portal & Supplier Logistics Performance
    • VW B2B portal access, my profile settings, portal organization and overview, tutorials
    • Supplier logistics documentation, notifications, contact persons
    • Search IHUB function
    • Supplier performance/ranking, Logistics audit/System audits, Escallation levels
  • Sequence 2 – VW Project Logistics/ Project Launch
    • RFQ phase, RFQ package, agreements prior to nomination
    • Main project milestones for logistics
    • Ramp up scenario/volumes
    • Planning of logistics tasks according to the milestones
    • EDI set-up according to milestone schedule
    • Definition, availability and start of use of packaging types, packaging investment and development by the supplier
    • 3PL scope of work, 3PL contract milestone
    • Project handover to serial disposition
  • Sequence 3 – Customer Procurement Concepts
    • Logistics concepts STA, JIS/JIT, LAH, VLB, MVO vs. nMVO
    • Deliveries in sequence close to the plant
    • Deliveries in batches at a great distance and sequencing near to plant
    • Responsibilities of the supplier
  • Sequence 4 – Transport & 3PL Management
    • DAP deliveries: Transport for internal supplier park vs external site
    • FCA deliveries: Collection of parts by VW
    • Loading, unloading windows, shipment preparation process, management of empties, delivery frequency
    • DISCOVERY application
    • ASN rules
    • Management of 3PL, responsibility for 3PL scope, transfer of performance and risk, stock size in sequence warehouse
    • Information run-up time for JIS concept
  • Sequence 5 – VW Capacity Commitments, Forecasts & Orders
    • Supplier capacity commitment, capacity information sheet, BKA in INCA application
    • Types of EDI messages, EDI forecasts (DELFOR), call offs (DELJIT), supplier flexibility rules
    • Production and shipment planning
  • Sequence 6 – Packaging Management
    • Types of packaging, packaging development process, packaging concept approvals
    • Supplier packaging allocation, follow up of packaging in production phase packaging shortage, rules for use of alternative packaging
    • Packaging management LISON, cleaning and maintenance rules, damaged packaging  
    • VW Labelling rules, GTL label
  • Sequence 7 – Logistics Claims & Contingency Plan
    • Logistics claims
    • Supplier Target Catalogue, Process deviations catalogue  
    • 8D report
    • Contingency plan
  • Sequence 8 – Spare Parts Management
    • Spare part supply scope,
    • Spare Part Unloading points and contacts
    • New Spare Part introduction
    • Spare Parts Packaging, Labelling, Transport, Delivery frequency, MOQ, Lead Time
    • Spare Part EDI
    • All time agreement
  • Sequence 9 – End of Production, Obsolete Stock Management
    • Planning of EOP, Information to suppliers
    • Supplier responsibilities
    • Management and payment of obsolete stock
  • Sequence 10 – Exercises on the b2b Portal
    • Review of all main skills on b2b portal VW
  • Sequence 11 – Summary Test
    • Final exam to verify the understanding of the training content

Duration: 2 days