STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) Logistics Standards v8/2024

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A new licensed STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) training module developed in STELLANTIS – ABP Management cooperation that explains to automotive suppliers logistics requirements of STELLANTIS and on concrete examples illustrate their application in practice. ABP Management, as an exclusive STELLANTIS partner for this service, organizes open training sessions in different world regions all over the year.
To get the training certificate issued by STELLANTIS/ABP Management is to reach the score at least 60% of the final test.

Your needs are:

  • Set internal logistics system in order to meet the requirements of your customer STELLANTIS
  • Correctly use portal b2b for all logistics related processes
  • Prepare a logistics offer in FCLA form
  • Secure enough packaging units in plant (STELLANTIS packaging/Gefbox)
  • Manage MAF in an efficient way
  • Plan production according to customer requirements
  • Understand and reach logistics KPIs given by STELLANTIS
  • Deliver Spare Parts in line with customer expectations
  • Manage claims and correctly finish a project with STELLANTIS

Target group:

  • Logistics
  • Key Account Managers
  • Continuous improvement
  • Internal auditors
  • Production

Training content:

  • Sequence 1 – b2b portal & supplier performance
    • supplier COFORs (Production/Expedition/Selling), multiCOFOR portal access, portal management in ORION, supplier documentation, e-learnings, RIF meeting, yearly logistics KPIs, MMOG/LE requirements, SPOT, e-SQAL, Bidlist rules (focus on logistics section)
  • Sequence 2 – STELLANTIS project logistics
    • MLP V13/STELLANTIS Logistics Guidebook, overview of Project Management by Stellantis, vehicle/APQP milestones, key project milestones for logistics, ONL communication, Pick-up sheet management, planning of logistics tasks, EDI approval requirements, FCLA – commercial logistics offer preparation, definition of packaging need/investment by the supplier
  • Sequence 3 – Parts flow between supplier and STELLANTIS operator
    • pull flow system (SAH) based on assembly exit (SMON), part flow between FCA supplier and operator in Stellantis plant, types of flow, parts reception in Stellantis plant, parts quality blocking and impact on logistics
  • Sequence 4 – Transport & MAF management
    • Electronical Logistics Protocol (PLE), transport execution, shipment preparation process, ASN rules, MAF rules and efficient MAF management
  • Sequence 5 – STELLANTIS forecasts & orders
    • supplier capacity commitment, yearly and weekly forecasts (CORAIL system), production planning, orders rules (DELJIT), flexibility rules (deviation DELFOR/DELJIT)
  • Sequence 6 – Packaging management
    • types of packaging, GLE function, supplier packaging allocation, follow up of packaging in production phase, packaging shortage management and payment process, PACKMAN/RPM, homogenous/heterogenous pallets preparation
  • Sequence 7 – Logistics claims
    • GSQN-001, AMADEUS application and PP/PR/DIVR claims, cost recovery rules (new version GSQN-002), DEMAT Finance and dispute of cost for claims
  • Sequence 8 – Service rate 0km / platforms
    • application NeoLogistics, calculation of Service Rate by STELLANTIS, reasons for penalization, dispute of Service Rate by the supplier, parts deliveries to platforms (PLIS, PLIT,…)
  • Sequence 9 – Spare Parts management
    • PLE with Vesoul/Bochum (855), new Spare Part introduction, Spare Parts Packaging, Spare Parts Service Rate & dispute, confirmation of STELLANTIS needs/additional needs
  • Sequence 10 – End of life
    • End of Life Letters, DEMAT Logistics, payment of obsolete stock
  • Sequence 11 – Exercises on b2b portal
    • review of all main skills on b2b portal STELLANTIS (ex-PSA)
  • Sequence 12 – Summary test
    • final exam to verify the understanding of the training content, a condition to get the training certificate (N/A for on-line trainings)

Duration: 2 days