Jaguar Land Rover APQP/PPAP Requirements

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Licensed module on Jaguar Land Rover APQP/PPAP requirements offered by ABP Management as the exclusive service provider worldwide.
Meeting customer expectations continuously all over the project is the key success factor of every project team in the automotive industry. Jaguar Land Rover has its unique way how to manage the supplier relationship starting from the RFQ submission up to the project SOP. The training module JLR-01 Jaguar Land Rover APQP/PPAP Requirements offers a global view on the project and explains in detail all customer specific requirements and processes to be respected over a project lifecycle.

Your needs are:

  • Be aware of JLR project phases/milestones for purchased parts and connect them with internal project milestones
  • Deeply understand customer expectations in all project phases and transfer them to internal project management system
  • Distinguish deliverables as customer specific forms or supplier forms
  • Be able to use application eAPQP and manage all deliverables on-line

Target group:

  • Project Manager
  • APQP engineers
  • Process Specialists
  • Purchasing
  • R&D
  • Key Account Manager
  • All project team members and project collaborators

Training content:

  • Chapter 1 – Jaguar Land Rover Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Vehicle and Purchased Part Project Milestones
  • Chapter 3 – Phased PPAP
  • Chapter 4 – APQP JLR Phase 1
  • Chapter 5 – APQP JLR Phase 2
  • Chapter 6 – APQP JLR Phase 3
  • Chapter 7 – APQP JLR Phase 4
  • Chapter 8 – APQP JLR Phase 5
  • Chapter 9 – APQP JLR Phase 6
  • Chapter 10 – APQP JLR Phase 7
  • Chapter 11 – eAPQP Application
  • Chapter 12 – Change Management / Exceptions Handling
  • Final Examination
  • Training Conclusion

Duration: 2 days

Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.