Supplier Sourcing in Central & Eastern Europe

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Material cost may represent up to 70% of the total product cost and therefore offers the most efficient way to reach the expected savings and productivity. Thanks to an extensive database of automotive and non-automotive companies especially in Central and Eastern Europe, ABP Management may source alternative suppliers for different production technologies and product families and manage RFI process.
After a NDA signature the selected suppliers might be “tested” on a specific RFQ that would check the competitiveness and technical level of the supplier. In final, ABP Management my also audit the potential supplier and coach him over the project phase to become independent for the future.

Your needs are:

  • Decrease the material costs
  • Replace expensive suppliers / suppliers with low performance
  • Extend the supplier list for certain technologies/product families

Support options:

  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Supplier RFI
  • “Test RFQ” management
  • Supplier’s audit
  • Supplier coaching

Duration: according to supplier’s specific needs

Price: upon agreement

Send request to: office@abp-management.com