PSA Groupe QIP V3.3 – QSB+, NSA, PCPA

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Groupe PSA toolkit QIP is used by the supplier for execution of NSA, PCPA audits and also QSB+
certification audit. ABP Management, PSA Groupe partner for this supplier service, offers to automotive
suppliers this practical training session to explain all PSA requirements in QIP tool, including auditor
hints, best practice recommendations, etc. In addition to training session, ABP Management offers also
on-site preparation on NSA or QSB+ audits.

Your needs are:

  • Improve your quality assurance level in plant while respecting PSA expectation on supplier Quality System level
  • Become a new supplier location for Groupe PSA
  • Understand all requirements in QIP tool and be able to compare internal processes against customer requirements
  • Perform QSB+ self-evaluation in an efficient way & find deviations and identify improvement ideas
  • Get auditor hints

Target group:

  • Quality System Manager
  • Quality Engineers
  • Logistics
  • Plant Manager
  • Production
  • All QSB+, NSA or PCPA audit stakeholders

Training content:

  • QIP 3.3 introduction – Groupe PSA requirements on supplier audits and self-assessments, application SPOT
  • Use of QIP tool – practical examples
  • Audit/self-assessment preparation process, agenda, stakeholders, …
  • Explanation of all 61 Groupe PSA requirements:
    • Corporate Management and Strategy
    • Fast Response
    • Control of Non-conforming Product
    • Verification Station & Error Proof Verification
    • Standardized work
    • Layered Process Audit & Skills Management
    • Risk Reduction
    • Managing Change
    • Maintenance
    • Manufacturing & Material Flow Management
    • External Logistic
    • Part and Process Control
  • Best practice examples for all requirements
  • Audit final evaluation and action plan requirements

Duration:  2 days

Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.