General APQP/PPAP (acc. to AIAG 2nd version)

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Originally developed and applied by American OEMs (Ford, GM, Chrysler), APQP became the most known product/process development standard shared between the customers and their suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide. The structured approach to project planning and controlling, focus on preventive quality assurance tools and application of are the key assumption that all required steps are completed within QCD targets.

Your needs are:

  • Understand the objective a scope of the APQP approach
  • Understand APQP phases and timing
  • Understand the specific requirements of your customer
  • Understand quality and project management tools & methods applied within an APQP project
  • Understand the customer/supplier interaction on a project
  • Understand the principles of product/process development
  • Understand the project release through PPAP approach

Target group:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Quality
  • Project Collaborators
  • Engineering
  • Production

Training content:

  • Introduction to Product Quality Planning
  • APQP project requirements
  • Overview of 5 APQP phases
  • APQP project planning
  • Overview of Main Quality Core APQP Tools
    • Process Flow Chart / Lay Out
    • QFD
    • DVP&R
    • MSA
    • SCP
    • Control Plan
  • APQP vs. Product Design &Development
  • APQP vs. Process Design &Development
  • APQP vs. Product and Process Validation
  • PPAP procedure

Duration:  2 days

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer we 10% discount on the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.