STELLANTIS Supplier Quality Assurance v6/2024

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The licensed training module CSR-03 STELLANTIS Supplier Quality Assurance (methods and tools) has been developed in STELLANTIS – ABP Management partnership. It covers all main STELLANTIS requirements on suppliers. All participants who pass the final exam will get the training certificate issued by STELLANTIS – ABP Management that is a prove of CSR understanding/training based on IATF 16 949:2016 norm. ABP Management is the only company allowed to perform this educational program and issue the training certificate.

Your needs are:

  • Manage daily cooperation with your customer
  • Correctly use b2b portal for all major quality related processes
  • Understand and respect all audit and self-assessment requirements
  • Be aware of customer KPIs and respect them all over the year
  • Respect STELLANTIS capacity requirements
  • Get tool payment on time and respect requirements on Stellantis owned tool management
  • Set up and execute GSQN-004 controls
  • Handle 0km claims, understand the process of claim management and related cost recovery
  • Know STELLANTIS standards for warranty quality management, warranty KPIs, COMTEC, Credit Demands

Target group

  • Project Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Plant management
  • Project and Serial Quality Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Engineering
  • Production

Training content:

  • Module 1 – b2b portal STELLANTIS
    • portal management in the application ORION, get an application access, overview of all quality related applications, documentation, norms, supplier e-learnings, RIF, …
  • Module 2 – Supplier Evaluation by STELLANTIS
    • Supplier audit/self-assessment requirements, MRS tool (NSA, PPQ and MPA audits), 2024 yearly KPIs, application SPOT, application e-SQAL (detailed explanation), BIDLIST 2024 rules, MMOG/LE self-assessment requirements, IATF Special Status, Escalations Levels
  • Module 3 – STELLANTIS Requirements on Project Management
    • overview of vehicle/APQP milestones, APQP Matrix introduction
  • Module 4 Product/Process Development on STELLANTIS Projects
    • overview of product/process development standards – Technical Specifications, CTF List, Validation Plan, PCP
  • Module 5Capacity Requirements / Tool Management
    • supplier capacity commitment, CAT audits, Stellantis owned tool management, Tool Ownership Certificate, SAP Tango Fidgi, tool tagging requirements, tool payment standards – conditions to be paid
  • Module 6 – Initial Samples Acceptance Process
    • delivery of off-tool, off-tool/off-process parts, RCM, communication with ONL, MSA requirements, SPC requirements (acc. to the size of measured parts), PPAP – content and rules of submission/approval
  • Module 7 – GSQN-004 (Safe Launch Plan)
    • requirements on GSQN-004 implementation, control reporting, exit criteria
  • Module 80km Quality Claim Management
    • claim management requirements GSQN-001, AMADEUS/SQP, Supplier Relationship claims, claim solving process, cost recovery rules GSQN-002, dispute of claim cost
  • Module 9 – GSQN-003 – 3rd Party Containment and Problem Resolution
    • 3CPR levels, reasons for 3CPR activation, process of 3CPR set up, monitoring and close down, process stakeholders, impact on suppliers (cost, Bidlist, …)
  • Module 10 – Warranty Quality
    • QEC claims in AMADEUS and pre-analysis requirements, COMTEC management, Technical Factor definition, warranty invoice management, warranty quality indicators, Credit Demands (DC), warranty cost calculation, isochrone warranty ppm
  • Module 11 – Additional STELLANTIS Specific Requirements
    • traceability requirements, record retention period, reverse FMEA, change management in the production phase,…
  • Module 12 – Exercises on b2b portal
    • practice of all acquired knowledge on Stellantis b2b portal
  • Module 13 – Final exam
    • verification of acquired knowledge, condition to get the training certificate (N/A for on-line courses)

Duration: 2 days