CSR-02 Transition ex-PSA towards STELLANTIS APQP/PPAP (option 3)

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Licensed training program for trainees who have already been trained on ex-PSA APQP/PPAP Requirements. As harmonized STELLANTIS APQP standards and PPAP rules are very close to ex-PSA standards, trainees who already have been trained on ex-PSA APQP/PPAP Requirements (CSR-02 STELLANTIS (EX-GROUPE PSA) APQP/PPAP Requirements) do not to take the whole course again, only this 1-day training program upgrade.

Your needs are:

  • Understand vehicle and purchased part project phases and   milestones.
  • Review all project APQP deliverables and understand rules for PPAP submission and approval.
  • Be trained by highly qualified trainers having at least 15 years of experience with STELLANTIS and thousands of training hours on STELLANTIS specific requirements (all licensed modules).
  • Get the certificate required by STELLANTIS for supplier Project Manager and Project Quality Engineer.

Target group:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Quality Engineers

Training content:

  • Training objectives, detailed program and organization rules
  • Introduction to STELLANTIS APQP: SQA, QRS, APQP Grid, IT Applications
  • APQP planning: STELLANTIS vehicle and supplier part milestones
  • APQP grid – overview
  • Rules of deliverables rating, responsibilities, escalation process
  • Gate 1 APQP and the Activities initiated in Phase 1, incl. the Key Characteristic list definition, the PIS, the CAT, the Safety Plan and the GEED
  • Gate 2 and activities initiated in Phase 2 APQP
  • Gate 3 and activities initiated in Phase 3 APQP
  • Gate 4 (PPAP) and activities initiated in Phase 4 APQP
  • Gate 5 and activities initiated in Phase 5
  • Change Management in mass production phase
  • Guided tour of APQP IT applications: PLM and CQMS-AUROS
  • Conclusion, group quiz and training evaluation

* Important: Previous participation on an APQP/PPAP training session or hands-on experience with APQP/PPAP is required for all trainees.

Duration: 1 day