During the last 5 years ABP Management supported nearly 1.000 automotive suppliers on their projects with STELLANTIS, while providing training, audit, coaching and other services.

One of the highest added value services is supplier support on the project. Based on the supplier needs ABP Management can offer you various services:

  • Technical project services, e.g. review and update of the CTF List, preparation of a robust PCP, preparation of RCMs, Supplier Conformity Dashboard management, DVP&R follow-up, technical Customer meetings, CAT self-assessment and audit preparation, project A3 management, …
  • Project Management services, e.g. project planning/follow up, crisis management, customer meetings (periodical reviews, gate reviews, …), …
  • Escalation supportpreparation and management of the action plan in case of STELLANTIS escalation in the project and production phase.
  • Quality System supportpreparation on customer NSA, PPQ or MPA Level 1 and Level 2 audits. An independent audit executed by an auditor accredited by STELLANTIS. Recommendation of improvements. Action plan follow-up.
  • External resourcesQuality Engineer project/production, R&D Engineer, SQA Engineer, etc.

ABP Management support may not be a full time mission. Our expert on STELLANTIS procedure will work with your team and coach your team members during the project (e.g. 1-2 days per week) so that the work will be done and investment into an external support will be limited.

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