STELLANTIS Supplier Training Plan end of 2021/2022 (licensed modules)

The successful & strategic STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) – ABP Management partnership in the area of supplier training lasts for 6 years now and during this period ABP Management has trained thousands of automotive specialists on STELLANTIS standards.

We are pleased to share with you the official training plan for STELLANTIS suppliers for the end of the calendar year 2021 and the coming year 2022. ABP Management brings you all licensed modules for STELLANTIS suppliers in the area of Quality Assurance, Project Management, Quality System, Product/Process Development and Logistics.

Due to the current pandemics situation in the world nearly all sessions in 2021 will be organized online only. Starting from 2022, and if the pandemics situation allows it, all STELLANTIS services will be provided by ABP Management in all important STELLANTIS sourcing regions by local trainers/auditors.

We remind all STELLANTIS suppliers the training modules noticed in ABP Management offer are the only supplier training programs approved by STELLANTIS and accepted during the customer/3rd party audits. Other modules provided by some companies are not recommended/authorized by your customer.