Signature of strategic partnership PSA Groupe – ABP Management in the area of supplier logistics training

For every automotive OEM a project, in its RFQ, development, or mass production phase, means the cooperation with hundreds of suppliers and management of several thousands of references. Diversification of vehicle configuration and constant cost pressure put even more emphasis on efficient logistics that contributes to fulfillment of objectives and customer-supplier relationship development from a long term point of view.

In customer-supplier relationship the supplier shall respect customer specific requirements, including logistics. PSA Groupe, one of the biggest car makers in Europe, understands the need of continuous development of its Supply Chain. For this reason PSA Groupe has chosen ABP Management, already approved company for supplier project/quality training, to co-develop and execute the training of automotive suppliers on its specific logistics standards.

Practically oriented training module LOG-02 PSA Groupe Logistics Standards explains to automotive suppliers PSA Groupe b2b portal and PSA requirements on logistics offer preparation (RFQ phase), pre-serial logistics, management of PSA forecasts/orders, parts expedition preparation, EDI requirements, packaging, claim or logistics performance management, delivery of Spare Parts up to project End of Life and obsolete stock management.

Regarding its content, the training session is aimed at a large group of people working on a supplier side – Key Account Managers, Logistics Managers, Customer Care, Production Planning, Packaging Specialists, Quality, Spare Parts Specialists, Continuous Improvement Specialists, etc.

This training session is highly recommended by PSA Groupe to all existing and new suppliers. Those training participants who will pass the final exam will get the Training certificate issued by PSA Groupe and ABP Management.

ABP Management, as an exclusive PSA Groupe partner for this service, will organize the training sessions several times a year in different locations (France, Spain, Central & Eastern Europe, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina). You can find more information about the training session (content, places, dates, prices, ...) at