New publications VDA 6.3 and IATF 16 949: 2016

The process audit, as requested by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), and ISO /TS 16 949:2009 standards (the new name of the standards is IATF 16 949:2016), have recently undergone significant changes. ABP Management brings you new versions of these standards in Czech / English language (IATF 16 949) and in Czech language (VDA 6.3, 3rd Czech edition 2017).

In terms of preparation for IATF 16 949:2016 audit, we also recommend to our customer these publications:

  • Standard ISO 9001:2015 (annotated Czech edition 2016)
  • Instructions for certification in the automotive industry according to IATF 16 949

ABP Management brings them to you together with other publications aimed at the automotive industry in cooperation with Czech Society for Quality (ČSJ).

As a part of ABP Management training module QUA-03 Internal Auditor IATF 16 949:2016 and ČSJ training module Qualification of process auditor accrording to VDA 6.3 standard in license VDA QMC, the participants will obtain the publication IATF 16 949, or VDA 6.3 for free (as part of the training fee). Both training modules are organized several times per year in Bratislava.

You can find all publications of ABP Management for the automotive industry on our website in section Publications.