"Become the leading company in the region , providing its customers especially in the automotive industry; training, coaching and expertize services at the highest level to help them increase efficiency and develop processes and people."

Dipl.-Ing. Michal Matúšek, PhD.,MBA Managing Partner

Dipl.-Ing. Michal Matúšek, PhD.,MBA
Managing Partner

"Mission of ABP Management is to offer its customers specific top-level services, that reflect the needs of production as well as non-production organizations. We specifically focus on production plants of automotive Tier-1 & Tier-2 suppliers, where the customer requirements on quality assurance as well as organizational processes management are the highest.

Our service offer in strategic fields such as Project Management, Quality Assurance, customer-supplier relationship management, Logistics, Development, Production or Managerial skills allows us to cover organizations‘ needs for people and process development to a large extent. 

In addition to the specific knowledge/experience level of our consultants we focus on their pedagogical skills to clearly pass the key messages that will be understood and correctly applied within the customer’s organization.

Within last five years our employees have worked with more than 180 organizations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and South Korea in areas of training, coaching or auditing. Thanks to this huge experience we understand the needs of our customers and appropriately adjust our service offer.

Thanks to the experience of our consultants each customer will get not only theoretical information but mostly practical „best practice“ for given subjects through examples, Case Studies or workshops. Our working processes and materials are continuously updated and improved to remain a „benchmark“ on the market."


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ABP Management Membership
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