Dear Sir or Madam,

You subscribed to the training session that will take place in a short period of time. Despite robust training materials we realize that each customer has its own specific requirements and expectations out of the training session. In order to get the highest added value for you and for your company, we would like to ask you to fill in the questionnaire here below. Your kind cooperation will help us focus on specific expectations/issues of each participant and therefore maximize the contribution for you.

You need only five minutes to answer the questionnaire and the reply is optional.

Enter the first day of Your training session (month/day/year): *
Enter the first day of Your training session (month/day/year):
QUESTION 1: Main issues we experience on PSA Group Projects are:
QUESTION 2: Which PSA Group logistics processes are not clear to you/you experience problems with them?
QUESTION 3: How do you see the current status of logistics management of PSA projects in your company?
QUESTION 4: What subject would you like to focus most over the training session?
QUESTION 5: What are your main expectations out of the training module?
QUESTION 6: Customer PSA in the framework of my position within the company (more options possible):

The questionnaire is fully anonymous and acquired information will serve ABP Management trainer for the preparation of this training module, while orientation on your specific needs and fulfillment of your expectations is being our only objective.

We thank you in advance for your participation in the training preparation process.

Respectfully Yours,