Combined training/workshop on STELLANTIS MRS tool (NSA, PPQ and MPA audits)

In January 2023 STELLANTIS harmonized the requirements on the New Supplier Assessment, Progressive Process Qualification and Mass Production Assessment audits covered in the MRS tool.

In addition to the standard 2-day training course CSR-09 STELLANTIS MRS tool (NSA, PPQ and MPA audits) or NSA audit preparation/execution, ABP Management offers to automotive suppliers also an extended onsite 3-day program that is a combination of a classroom training (explanation of audit criteria, best practices, auditor hints) and verification of selected audit criteria in production or in processes description, depending on the need of the supplier.

One such a training/coaching program was organized in April 2023 for participants from 5 locations of a global automotive supplier. Creation of such a group was a unique opportunity to exchange the experience not only with the trainer but also to identify improvements on the Group level in order to meet STELLANTIS requirements on the system quality and achieve even higher customer satisfaction. Onsite verification of selected criteria by the trainer and then by participants made the training program interactive and very efficient.

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