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QUA-14 Technical Cleanliness according to VDA 19.1/VDA 19.2

Requirements on cleanliness in production processes constantly grow and respect ofstandards is one of the key assumptions to reach the product quality and to achieve customer satisfaction. Preventive identification of potential contamination sources in production or logistics processes and continuous effort to eliminate them must be a described process respected by all employees. Training module Technical Cleanliness is animated by an experienced trainer in Slovak language.

Your needs are:

  • be informed about VDA 19.1/VDA 19.2 expectations

  • transfer the norms requirements into internal Quality Management System

  • continuously improve quality and working environment

  • reduce number and impact of claims

  • fulfill customer requirements


Target group:

  • Quality Engineers

  • Laboratories

  • Quality Managers

  • Process Engineers

  • Logistics

  • Technology

  • Production


Training content:

  • Scope and validity of VDA 19.1 / 19.2 norms

  • Specification of cleanliness

  • Selection of testing methods

  • Manipulation and technical cleanliness

  • Qualified analysis and value of „blind trial“

  • Process of extraction, analytical filtration, analysis process

  • Planning of technical cleanliness implementation

  • Technical cleanliness concept

  • Measurement of environmental infleunces

  • Enviroment, logistics, people, production means

  • Potential cleanliness analysis

  • Documentation


Duration: 2 days


Bratislava, Slovakia

In Slovak language

  • November 25th - November 26th 2019

 In English

  • November 25th - November 26th 2019

In-house module: 975 EUR/day (member), 1050 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 10 participants.
module in Bratislava: 270 EUR/day (member), 300 EUR/day (non-member).

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on   the second and all other participants. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.

Training Registration Form (PDF)
Training Registration Form (online)