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LOG-03 Renault Logistics Standards

Internal ABP Management trainers have trained dozens of automotive suppliers and hundreds of logistics specialists on Renault logistics standards. During the training session we focus not only on daily operative work of logistics specialists but the training participant will get a global picture about the supplier logistics management by the customer and will be able to solve standard and unusual situations that may happen over a project. The participants will understand b2b portal, follow the logistics performance, manage packaging and all main logistics processes by Renault.

Your needs are

  • Set robust internal processes that reflects latest Renault logistics requirements

  • Prepare a logistics offer for Renault using e-DCL

  • Manage Renault packaging to assure the right quantity of packaging units in plant

  • Set and manage transport related processes

  • Create a robust system of production planning that reflects Renault needs and limits the stock

  • Reach your Service Rate

Target group

  • Logistics

  • Purchasing

  • Continuous improvement specialists

  • Production

Training content

  • Overview of Renault Logistics System

  • Supplier Logistics Guidebook

  • Renault b2b portal for suppliers – portal management, logistics tools and documentation

  • Logistics Solution/Packaging instruction approval – e-DCL

  • Packaging Management – PVS

  • Forecasts/Orders Management, RAN system

  • Transport definition, Incident Sheets Creation (ELTA)

  • Logistics Claims Management (GQE)

  • Supplier logistics performance management

    • TSO and RJ

    • IPPRFL

  • Exercises on portal b2b

  • Final test

Duration: 2 days


Bratislava, Slovakia:

  1. Spring dates:
    April 04th - April 05th 2019, in Slovak
    May 30th - May 31st 2019, in Slovak
    June 13th - June 14th 2019, in English

  2. Autumn dates:

    November 12th - November 13th 2019, in English NEW


  1. Spring dates:
    April 17th - April 18th 2019, in French
    July 18th - July 19th 2019, in French

  2. Autumn dates:

    October 31st - November 1st 2019, in French

Tychy, Poland:

  1. Spring dates:
    May 16th - May 17th 2019, in English

  2. Autumn dates:

    N/A (session in Bratislava in English)

Zaragoza, Spain:

  1. Autumn dates:

    N/A (session in Bratislava in English)

In-house module: 1.030 EUR/day (member), 1.100 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 10 participants.
Open module: 330 EUR/day (member), 350 EUR/day (non-member).
Training Registration Form (PDF)
Training Registration Form (online)