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PM-02 Project Management in the Automotive Industry

2-day training module for employees of an automotive company for whom project management is not the priority but would like to know its principles (resources allocation, project evaluation, …) . The module offers an overview of technics and tools that allow theparticipants to better understand the basic technics of automotive Project Management and work of their colleagues.

You need to understand:

  • principles of Project Management in the automotive industry

  • the work of the Project manager and Project Team Members

  • the basic s of project management tools

  • customer requirements hand over to the company

  • System of quality assurance on the project

  • What happens on the project before the mass production

  • Improve the cooperation with the project team

Target Group:

  • Project Team Member

  • Project Colaborators

  • Functional Managers

  • Quality

  • Logistics

  • Engineering

  • Purchasing

  • Production

Training content:

  • Basic project management terms

  • Main project management tools

  • Automotive project phases and milestones

  • Impact of customer requirements on project planning

  • Principles of project planning, controlling and ending

  • Communication over the project

  • Basic quality assurance tools

  • Cooperation between project and mass production teams

  • Project hand over to the production team

  • Project in SOP+3months/+ 6 months milestone

  • Evaluation of project objectives completion

Duration: 2 days.


Bratislava, Slovakia:

  1. Spring date - April 25th - April 26th 2019 in Slovak

  2. Spring date - April 23rd - April 24th 2019 in English

  1. Autumn date - December 16th - December 17th 2019 in Slovak

  2. Autumn date - August 29th - August 30th 2019 in English

Tychy, Poland:

  1. Spring date - July 2nd - July 3rd 2019 in English

In-house module: 930 EUR/day (member), 1.000 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 10 participants.
Module in Bratislava: 230 EUR/day (member), 260 EUR/day (non-member).

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant we offer 10% discount   on the second and all other participants.. Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.

Training Registration Form (PDF)
Training Registration Form (online)