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CSR-01 Project Management & Quality Assurance on VW Group Projects

One of the key success factors of VW Group success are its suppliers as the purchased parts represent nearly 90% of all components in customer vehicles. Our training module will allow you better understand the principles of Project management and Quality assurance approach of your customer and will give you recommendations how to avoid the most frequent problems the suppliers experience. It offers much more information than Formel Q, such as portal b2b, 0km and warranty claim management, detailed explanation of BeOn and Lion applications, etc.

Your needs are

  • Get an overview of main norms and documentation required on a VW Group project

  • Understand the specific requirements of your customer

  • Understand customer tools, methods and methodology

  • Plan the quality assurance on the project

  • Understand the principles of product/process development

  • Release project with your customer

  • Manage quality claims in mass production in an efficient way

Target group

  • Project Managers

  • Project Team Members

  • Functional Managers

  • Quality

  • Project Collaborators

  • Engineering

  • Production

Training content

  • VW requirements and their connection with VDA and IATF standards

  • Formel Q Konkret, Formel Q Capability, Formel Q Integral (QPNI)

  • Supplier audits VDA 6.3/Formel Q capability, VDA 6.5, D/TLD, TRL, ULM

  • b2b portal – environment, applications, supplier documentation

  • RFQ phase and supplier selection , Part priority definition by the customer

  • Standard project phases and milestones on VW projects

  • VW expectations in project milestones according to QPN Integral, Part Maturity Level Assurance (RG) and supplier work approval

  • Quality assurance planning, principles of LiOn application

  • Process od product/production process release according to VDA 2

  • Principles of BeOn application, rules for Note 1-Note-3-Note 6 evaluation

  • Process capacity – planning and verification (2-Tages Produktion)

  • General rules of quality claim issuing in VW plant, application KPM-QS, supplier’s responsibility, requirements on action plan, ZP6B/ZP8 audits

  • Supplier quality performance follow-up – Supplier Cockpit

  • Product re-qualification requirements

  • Final test


Duration:  2 days


Bratislava, Slovakia:

  1. Spring date - May 16th - May 17th 2019 in Slovak

  1. Autumn date - November 20th - November 21st 2019 in Slovak

Tychy, Poland:

  1. Spring date - April 25rd - April 26th 2019 in English

  1. Autumn date - November 28th - November 29th 2019 in English


  1. Spring date - May 20th - May 21st 2019 in French

  1. Autumn date - November 07th - November 08th 2019 in French

Zaragoza, Spain:

  1. Spring date - May 23rd - May 24th 2019 in English

  1. Autumn date - November 04th - November 05th 2019 in Slovak

In-house module: 1.100 EUR/day (member), 1.200 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 8 participants. 
Module in Bratislava: 350 EUR/day (member), 390 EUR/day (non-member).
In case of 2 or more participants from the same production plant in the training module we offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants.
Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.

Training Registration Form (PDF)
Training Registration Form (online)