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CSR-07 FIAT-CHRYSLER Specific Requirements on Suppliers

Training module animated by an experienced trainer having 12 years of experience within FCA as SQE and on supplier side as Project & Quality Representative for FCA. Our training module will allow you better understand the principles of Project management and Quality assurance approach of your customer and will give you recommendations how to avoid the most frequent problems the suppliers experience.

Your needs are

  • Get an overview of main norms and documentation required on an FCA project

  • Understand the specific requirements of your customer (CSR) according to IATF

  • Understand customer tools, methods and methodology

  • Plan the quality assurance on the project

  • Understand the principles of product/process development

  • Release project with your customer

  • Manage quality claims in mass production in an efficient way via SQP portal (including Cross-Out Request approach)


Target Group

  • Project Managers

  • Project Team Members

  • Functional Managers

  • Quality

  • Project Collaborators

  • Engineering

  • Production


Training content

  • FIAT (FCA) requirements vs. IATF standards: Statement of Requirements (SOR); Basic Requirements; Additional Quality Requirements (AQR); Forever Requirements; Manufacturing Feasibility Assessment (MFA); Supplier Quality Management System development management; LPA

  • Escalation criteria: “OEM Performance Complaint”, “Top Problem Supplier Location Reporting” and “Quality New Business Hold”

  • 07740 – Qualification of externally purchased production parts (buy): Sample ordering process for Benestare (PE – Plant Evaluation) by OEM plant and approach in case of negative result; Autoqualification (AQF) planning (SPV – Supplier Product Validation) approval and defining requalification tests; Sample sending and results verification for Integrative Tests (PI) – EPV Engineering Product Validation

  • 08090 – Interim (IAA) – theory and practice

  • FGP13 - Process Planning Review

  • FGP14 – Process Audit (PA) and SEA (ex-PSA)

  • FGP15 - PDR – Product Demonstration Run

  • 9.01102 – Supply Quality

  • 9.01103 – CQC

  • 07171 – Safe Launch Plan – SLP

  • FGP16 – CSL NBH

  • 9.01120 – Report Characteristics.

  • 08018 – Quality Monitoring

    • a) Claims classification

    • b) Bid list rules description


Duration:  2 days, in English only

Dates: in 2019 in-house modules only (in English only)

In-house module: 890 EUR/day (member), 975 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 8 participants. 
Module in Bratislava: 250 EUR/day (member), 290 EUR/day (non-member).
In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants.
Refreshment and lunch are included in the training price.

Training Registration Form (PDF)
Training Registration Form (online)