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QUA-08 FMEA and Reverse FMEA

One of rare  “standard” training modules in ABP Management’s offer. But, there’s a reason behind that. Process FMEA is created by the process development team and even if there should be a cooperation between the R&D and production plant, most often the production plant creates the PFMEA alone. We have no doubt that employees know the rules for FMEA preparation. Nevertheless we experience situations when this powerful tool is underestimated, RPN adjustment to reach some audit objectives or just standard FMEA copied for the new project. Training module FMEA and Reverse FMEA is based on common AIAG-VDA recommendations (new from 2018) and includes specific requirements of some customers on this tool. In recent years also Reverse FMEA is more and more used and several customers require it from suppliers (e.g. PSA Groupe, Renault, ...). Its meaning for quality assurance and application is a part of this training module.

Your needs are:

  • manage the product/process risks in a preventive way

  • use FMEA as a strategic tool of company know-how

  • understand the process of FMEA creation

  • have allocated time and resources to create the tool

  • define potential failures modes and their impacts

  • use FMEA strategically to improve quality

  • understand the links Flow chart - FMEA – Control Plan – Instructions

  • correctly implement Reverse FMEA in your organization

Target group:

  • FMEA animator

  • Quality

  • Production

  • FMEA creation team

  • Project team

  • Technology

Training content:

1st training day - FMEA

  • FMEA as a part of quality assurance system, FMEA types

  • Timing of FMEA creation on a project

  • FMEA template (content)

  • Definition of potential  failure modes

  • Definition of severity, impact and occurrence based on common AIAG – VDA norm (2018) for DFMEA and PFMEA

  • OEM requirements on FMEA

  • Connection between FMEA, Control plan and working instructions

2nd training day - reverse FMEA

  • reverse FMEA – preventive failure approach

  • reverse FMEA checklist creation

  • process of reverse FMEA management

  • reverse FMEA workshop in production + evaluation

N.B. After the training session the organization will be able to use reverse FMEA tool in a correct way and respect customer requirements on this tool.

Duration: 2 days.


In-house module only. 

In-house module:890 EUR/day (member), 975 EUR/day (non-member) + travel cost for a group up to 10 participants.
module in Bratislava: N/A

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