Hewlett-Packard and ABP Management joined their forces and bring closer to automotive suppliers licensed training sessions IMDS.

Hewlett-Packard, being one of the leaders in the IT sector worldwide and ABP Management, an expert on the automotive industry, joined their forces and bring closer to automotive suppliers the official training modules:

  • DEV-02 IMDS: Foundation
  • DEV-03 IMDS: Advanced
  • DEV-04 IMDS: Upgrade

Used by nearly all automotive OEMs, the IMDS is a material declaration global data repository that contains detailed information on materials used in vehicles.

Thanks to Hewlett Packard license, the training participants will be allowed to use the latest version of IMDS and simulate the real processes in the database all over the training session (using the special training access).

The trainer of the training module of ABP Management is approved by Hewlett Packard and has a long experience with IMDS training sessions.

The training participants will get the official Training certificate Hewlett Packard IMDS according to the training module they join.

The first training modules will be organized by ABP Management in Bratislava and Prague from the beginning of 2016. The training dates will be announced by the end of October 2016.

For more information about the training session, please, visit our training offer:

Training module DEV-02 IMDS Foundation

Training module DEV-03 IMDS Advanced

Training module DEV-04 IMDS Upgrade

or contact office@abp-management.com.