Your needs are:

  • After a theoretical training on VDA 6.3 norm make sure that the   acquired knowledge is properly applied in plant
  • Coaching/Mentoring of internal auditors
  • Get an independent feedback on the efficiency of audit execution
  • Prepare your plant or your sister plant on VDA 6.3 audit

Support options:

  • Preparation on process audit according to VDA 6.3 norm
  • VDA 6.3 self-audit execution by an expert
  • Coaching of internal VDA 6.3 auditors
  • Support during action plan implementation after a VDA 6.3 audit

Regular internal self-audit according to VDA 6.3 norm is one of the requirements of several German OEMs. The supplier must be trained on given norms, nevertheless, the practical use is not always efficient. ABP’s Management coach, certified VDA 6.3 norm trainer with long experience in auditing, may help your organization put in place the audit system in the correct way.  Our expert may be in the position of either “Leading auditor” and your internal auditor(s) will follow his practices, or in the position of “Shadowing auditor” giving your auditor feedback and improvement ideas to help the organization get the maximum from the audit and satisfy customer requirement.

Remark:   ABP Management does not offer the training module on VDA 6.3 norm. We can give you the information   about certified organizations by VDA all over the world.


Duration: according to supplier’s specific needs

Price:  upon agreement

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