Your needs are:

  • Use Balanced Scorecard as a strategic tool in the company
  • Leading by an experienced coach  think about the company
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Strategy
    • KPI’s & PI’s
  • Define the right Balance  Scorecard content, lay-out
  • Define the responsibilities

Support options:

  • Development  of Balanced Scorecard for your company
  • Analyze the current state and propose improvement ideas

A well known story goes: “Is it better to have a faster horse or a slower horse?” Answer: “If you took the wrong direction it’s better to have a slower horse.” In many companies people have no clue about company vision and strategy and what’s even worse, they consider this information to have no added value for their work. The KPIs are given by the Managers or the company headquarters and even if they find them logical, they follow them to maintain the job position. The coaching mission on Balanced Score Card starts with the analysis of status quo that is presented to company management. Consequently, during a workshop animated by ABP Management coach the team works on BSC improvement and defines steps that will be implemented to use the tool properly.

Duration: according to supplier’s specific needs

Price:  upon agreement

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