NSA/QSB+ nomination by Groupe PSA

Strategic cooperation between ABP Management and PSA Groupe lasts for several years and continuously grows.

Starting from 2019 ABP Management is a licensed PSA partner for execution of audits of new production locations that intend supplying PSA (NSA – New Supplier Assessment), supplier preparation on QSB+ certification audit as well as level-up of suppliers in difficulties.


ABP Management service offer has been extended by a new 2-day training module CSR-09 PSA Groupe QIP 3.3 – QSB+, NSA & PCPA audit as well as by new expertize services – audit NSA preparation & execution and QSB+ certification audit preparation.

Those services extend the existing portfolio of licensed training sessions on Groupe PSA specific requirements:

New Year Wishes from ABP Management


Dear Sir or Madam,

Let me first thank all our customers, partners and suppliers for cooperation in 2018. Thanks to your trust we could deliver our services to 231 customers in 21 countries worldwide and train more than two thousand specialists working in the automotive industry in different areas such as Logistics, Quality, Customer Specific Requirements, Production or Soft Skills.

On behalf of the whole ABP Management team I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019, especially health for you and your family members, satisfaction in your private and professional life and we look forward to our cooperation in 2019!

Respectfully Yours,


                                                                                                                             Michal  Matusek

Managing Partner

New licensed module on PSA Groupe requirements


PSA Groupe – ABP Management cooperation in Supplier training & development area lasts for some years and continuously grows. The prove of PSA Groupe high satisfaction with ABP Management services is the signature of the contract for a new licensed training session CSR-03 PSA Groupe Supplier Quality Assurance (tools & methodology) that covers all main customer tools and methods to be understood and deployed by the supplier to assure the quality in development and serial project phase.

Trainees who will pass the final exam will get a certificate issued by PSA Groupe – ABP Management that is a prove of a training on customer standards according to IATF 16 949:2016 executed by a certified customer-directed organization (IATF 16 949:2016 norm, chapter “When specified by the customer, the organization shall purchase products, materials or services from customer-directed sources.”).

The training sessions will be organized all over the year in strategic purchasing regions for PSA Groupe. In 2018 the training sessions will be open in:

  • Paris, France
  • Zaragoza, Spain
  • Rüsselsheim, Germany
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Tychy, Poland
  • Kénitra, Morocco

Service information leaflet to be downloaded here.

Training dates and other related information to be found here.

ABP Management Membership


Starting from July 2018 ABP Management offers to its customers an option to become a Member of ABP Management and profit from advantageous service prices.

One of ABP Management pillars is to create steady and long-lasting partnerships with its customers based on trust. We help our customers to be successful and to achieve their objectives thanks to tailored development of the employees in all departments – Project Management, Quality, Logistics, R&D, Customer Specific Requirements or Managerial Skills. This large portfolio of services allows us to cover our customer educational needs to a great extent.

Thanks to this unique competitive advantage for organizations in the automotive industry, more and more customers entrust a big part of their yearly educational plans to ABP Management. In addition to a high-level service quality our customers can profit now also from advantageous prices and reduce the cost on people development.

All standard services in ABP Management offer contain standard prices as well as Membership prices. The customer may decide about joining ABP Membership club any time over the year.

To get more information about this offer, please, click on ABP Management Membership, or contact us by email: office@abp-management.com.


PSA Groupe feedback on cooperation with ABP Management


Car manufacturers specific requirements training modules in Quality, Project Management or Logistics fields are one of the pillars of ABP Management. One of the biggest projects in this area is the development and deployment of the training module on PSA Groupe logistics requirements on upstream logistics. More than 400 participants from 18 countries worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa) joined this educational program in less than 12 months.

We are pleased to share with you the feedback of PSA Groupe on the cooperation with ABP Management in the area of supplier & internal teams training:

In 2017 PSA Groupe chose ABP Management to deploy the training module “PSA Groupe Logistics Standards” and train on purchased parts logistics standards all its suppliers as well as internal employees worldwide. Based on the feedback from suppliers as well as PSA Groupe employees I express high satisfaction with this cooperation.

PSA Groupe standards contained in this module are extremely useful for our teams as well as our suppliers during the transformation period and important quantity of new project launches.

Thanks to its professionalism and experienced trainers, ABP Management is a recognized partner of PSA Groupe in this domain.”


Thierry Faviez
PSA Groupe Supply Chain Leader

It’s a honour for ABP Management to be a credible PSA Groupe partner in training and engineering activities and the result of the past cooperation is a commitment for us to improve the service quality in the future even more. More information about this module can be found on http://www.abpmanagement.com/calendar?tag=LOG-2

New training modules on FIAT - CHRYSTLER Specific Requirements


From 2018, the ABP Management extends its portfolio of training modules on customer specific requirements by a new car manufacturer. The training session is animated by an experienced trainer with 12 years of experience within FIAT-CHRYSLER as a Supplier Quality Engineer and at Tier-1 supplier as the quality representative for this customer. This unique combination of professional trainer’s background guarantees to training participants a comprehensive view of the customer-supplier relationship, the practical explication of customer specific requirements in line with IATF 16 949 standards and the sharing of experience with training participants.

The ABP Management offer includes 2 complementary modules to meet the requirements of this customer:

The training is offered exclusively in English from February 2018 on.

ABP Management looking for new trainers

Growing business and global demand of its customers enable ABP Management extend significantly its team.

We are currently looking for internal/external (*) experts located in various countries (especially Slovakia/Czech republic, Germany, France, Spain, England, Poland) able to train automotive companies on Customer Specific Requirements, Quality and Logistics topics.

* External trainers are expected to provide at least 10 training days per year.

Candidate profile:

  • at least 10 years of experience in the automotive industry in Quality, Logistics or Project Management area
  • hands-on experience with
    • Project Management tools and processes (WBS, Master Plan, Risk analysis, Cost/Resource plan/…)
    • Quality tools (IATF 16 949, FMEA, SPC, MSA, preparation on QS audits, …)
    • Logistics (packaging management, flow set-up, logistics protocols, logistics audits, …)
  • hands on experience with OEMs specific requirements (PSA, Renault, VW, ...) in Quality or Logistics area a big advantage
  • good presentation skills
  • Fluent in English + another language (especially German, Spanish, French and/or Slovak/Czech)
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction
  • willingness to travel within Europe and world
  • reliable
  • flexible

What do we offer:

  • stable work within a growing company
  • continuous professional development in a specific area
  • competitive salary
  • company car (internal trainers only)
  • flexibility (planning of travels, home office, ...)

If interested, please, send your CV to our email address office@abp-management.com, subject of the email „BC201708 - Trainer profile + your name“.

ABP Management extends its activities in China


Globalization is a must in today’s automotive world. Car manufacturers and their suppliers, especially on Tier-1 level, understand that being local limits their business opportunities. The same holds true for service providers.

ABP Management, whose experts delivered only in first 6 months of 2017 services to nearly 100 automotive production plants and R&D locations in 18 countries on 3 continents, understands this trend and supports its customers globally. One of the examples is a 2-week stay of ABP Management in China to train local automotive experts on Project Management, Quality Assurance or Logistics automotive best practice standards, and to discuss partnerships with local companies to bring its expertise services even closer to local customers.

If you are an expert in the field of automotive Quality, Project Management, Logistics or Production and would like to become ABP Management internal/external trainer or a local representative, do not hesitate to send us your CV on office@abp-management.com.

New Training Module - Technical Cleanliness (VDA 19.1 / VDA 19.2)

Requirements on cleanliness in production processes are constantly increasing and adherence to prescribed technical cleanliness standards is one of the preconditions for guaranteeing product quality and customer satisfaction. The key assumption for guaranteeing cleanliness is the preventive identification of potential sources of pollution in production processes, or logistics, or within the whole organization, and the constant effort to eliminate them. Technical Cleanliness training module is led by an experienced trainer in Slovak language.

The participants of the training module will also receive printed versions of the VDA 19.1 and VDA 19.2 standards in the Czech language as part of the training fee.

Learn more about the training module in the training offer: QUA-16 Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.1 / VDA 19.2)

ABP Management at Automotive MBA 2017

In June 2017, OEM employees (Audi, Daimler, Porsche, MAN) and automotive suppliers (Faurecia, Hella, ...) completed Module I - Process Management and Quality Assurance in the Automotive Industry which was, for the third consecutive year, led by ABP Management as the main lecturer. Within 18 hours of lecture, the participants of the MBA program were acquainted with requirements of the automotive industry on the quality assurance system (IATF 16 949:2016, VDA 6.1), the importance of specific customer requirements, preventive quality tools for needs of managers (special characteristics, FMEA / reverse FMEA, MSA , SPC, Regulation Charts, PSW / PPAP, Product requalification, etc.), reactive tools (claims management, QRQC, 8D / A3, Lessons Learned), etc.

We wish all participants a lot of success in their studies!

The program Professional MBA Automotive Industry which is organized by the Technical University of Vienna and STU Bratislava, opens the class for the 9th consecutive year in October 2017. If you are interested in more information, you can download the information brochure here.

New publications VDA 6.3 and IATF 16 949: 2016

The process audit, as requested by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), and ISO /TS 16 949:2009 standards (the new name of the standards is IATF 16 949:2016), have recently undergone significant changes. ABP Management brings you new versions of these standards in Czech / English language (IATF 16 949) and in Czech language (VDA 6.3, 3rd Czech edition 2017).

In terms of preparation for IATF 16 949:2016 audit, we also recommend to our customer these publications:

  • Standard ISO 9001:2015 (annotated Czech edition 2016)
  • Instructions for certification in the automotive industry according to IATF 16 949

ABP Management brings them to you together with other publications aimed at the automotive industry in cooperation with Czech Society for Quality (ČSJ).

As a part of ABP Management training module QUA-03 Internal Auditor IATF 16 949:2016 and ČSJ training module Qualification of process auditor accrording to VDA 6.3 standard in license VDA QMC, the participants will obtain the publication IATF 16 949, or VDA 6.3 for free (as part of the training fee). Both training modules are organized several times per year in Bratislava.

You can find all publications of ABP Management for the automotive industry on our website in section Publications.

ABP Management activities kick-off in Morocco

In 2016 ABP Management trainers delivered training and engineering services to automotive professionals working for OEMs and Tier-n suppliers in many countries – France, Italy, Germany, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or Romania.

In January and February 2017 ABP Management organized the first training sessions in Morocco - country that becomes attractive to automotive companies not only as a leading competitive country but also thanks to its qualified labor and proximity to European markets. Those facts are proven by presence of Renault plant in Tanger (inauguration in 2011) or ongoing construction of PSA Groupe plant in Kenitra (project SOP at the beginning of 2019).

Sebastien Frappier, ABP Management Senior Trainer: „At the beginning of 2017 I led my first training module in Morocco. Before going there I was not sure what could I expect from local suppliers in terms of quality assurance level and people competences. To be honest, I was impressed by modern green field plants, and above very by well trained people. It is obvious that Morocco becomes an automotive hub with a great potential in the future.“

In 2017 ABP Management expects organizing a dozen of training sessions in Morocco (local partnerships under discussion) as well as PSA Groupe training modules in Brazil and Argentina. All this in line with its strategy to cover the needs of its customers on a global scale.

Signature of strategic partnership PSA Groupe – ABP Management in the area of supplier logistics training

For every automotive OEM a project, in its RFQ, development, or mass production phase, means the cooperation with hundreds of suppliers and management of several thousands of references. Diversification of vehicle configuration and constant cost pressure put even more emphasis on efficient logistics that contributes to fulfillment of objectives and customer-supplier relationship development from a long term point of view.

In customer-supplier relationship the supplier shall respect customer specific requirements, including logistics. PSA Groupe, one of the biggest car makers in Europe, understands the need of continuous development of its Supply Chain. For this reason PSA Groupe has chosen ABP Management, already approved company for supplier project/quality training, to co-develop and execute the training of automotive suppliers on its specific logistics standards.

Practically oriented training module LOG-02 PSA Groupe Logistics Standards explains to automotive suppliers PSA Groupe b2b portal and PSA requirements on logistics offer preparation (RFQ phase), pre-serial logistics, management of PSA forecasts/orders, parts expedition preparation, EDI requirements, packaging, claim or logistics performance management, delivery of Spare Parts up to project End of Life and obsolete stock management.

Regarding its content, the training session is aimed at a large group of people working on a supplier side - Key Account Managers, Logistics Managers, Customer Care, Production Planning, Packaging Specialists, Quality, Spare Parts Specialists, Continuous Improvement Specialists, etc.

This training session is highly recommended by PSA Groupe to all existing and new suppliers. Those training participants who will pass the final exam will get the Training certificate issued by PSA Groupe and ABP Management.

ABP Management, as an exclusive PSA Groupe partner for this service, will organize the training sessions several times a year in different locations (France, Spain, Central & Eastern Europe, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina). You can find more information about the training session (content, places, dates, prices, ...) at http://www.abp-management.com/calendar?tag=LOG-2.

New dates of open training modules 2017

In 2016 ABP Management delivered its services to more than 100 production plants in the automotive, machinery and electrotechnical industry. Starting with car manufacturers (VW Group, PSA Group) going down to Tier-3 supply chain level, hundreds of Project Managers, Key Account Managers, Quality Engineers & Managers, Logistics Specialists or Production experts coming from France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania or China joined in 2016 ABP Management training sessions.

Quality of delivered services, being the most important competitive advantage of ABP Management, enables our customers to get back their investment into our services in the form of process setting up or improvement, efficiency increase or ability to managecustomer account from Project Management, Quality or Logistic point of view.

In 2017 we offer you again more than 80 training sessions and expertize support. At the same time ABP Management continuously adjusts its offer according to fast changing environment of the automotive industry. For this reason our service offer is updated four times over the calendar year.

We thank you for your trust in 2016 and look forward to potential cooperation again in 2017! 

Training of Volkswagen Teams

ABP Management, supplier of services for VW Group, organized in first half of 2016 several training modules for employees of the biggest European car manufacturer. 

Twenty six engineers and managers joined training modules on quality assurance in the automotive industry, the same number of people participated in training modules on problem solving tools and methods, ...

An excellent evaluation from training participants (overall satisfaction 94% and 100% training sessions recommendation) is a prove that ABP Management services have high added value for all levels of Supply Chain in the automotive industry, including OEMs.

ABP Management highly appreciates the trust of Volkswagen Group and looks forward to further cooperation.

Thanks to its long-year experience with specific requirements of various OEMs and an excellent quality of delivered services, PSA Peugeot-Citroën decided to entrust ABP Management with the training of automotive suppliers on its new standards. Thanks to this cooperation extends ABP Management the service offer by a new licensed training module CSR-02 Specific requirements of PSA Peugeot-Citroën (acc. to APQP/PPAP).

Applied on all new projects, the new PSA Peugeot-Citroën specific requirements based on APQP project management principles will gradually replace the current standards MRF. The training session led by experienced ABP Management trainers approved by PSA will allow the participants understand all PSA project phases & milestones, PSA expectations in all milestones, expected documentation, process of Initial Samples/PPAP preparation, submission and approval as well as other requirements on quality assurance.

Customer PSA Peugeot-Citroën recommends that at least each Project Manager and Project Quality Engineer takes part in this training session, ideally all supplier team members who cooperate with the customer PSA.

Previous trainee’s hands-on experience with APQP/PPAP or participation in this kind of training session is a  mandatory condition required by PSA to join this training module (possibility to subscribe to 1-day ABP Management training session  CSR-03 General APQP/PPAP that is organized the day before the PSA training session at the same place and with advantageous conditions for the participants).

The training participants who will fulfill all requirements will be given an official training certificate that is accepted by PSA Peugeot-Citroën.

ABP Management offers this training session for now in English, French and Slovak/Czech language on a native speaker level (German and other languages coming soon). The training sessions will be organized in Paris, Stuttgart, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow and Istanbul several times per year.

We also inform our valuable customers about the new training module LOG-02 PSA Peugeot-Citroën Specific Logistics Requirements that is dedicated not only to logistics specialists (transport, production planning, project logistics, expedition, packaging management, spare parts specialists, …) but also to the whole project team dealing with the customer PSA.

All training dates, prices and places are regularly updated on our webpage www.abp-management.com.

Extended offer of VDA training courses in Slovakia

In 2015 the Czech Society for Quality, an ABP Management partner, extended its training offer in Slovakia. Several open training modules VDA 6.3 under VDA QMC license were opened in Bratislava last year. An excellent feedback from the customers reflects the trainer’s high level skills and professional experience, training session in local language, fair service price, representative 4-star hotel as well as satisfaction with the training materials (in addition to printed hand-out each participant gets an original VDA 6.3 book in Czech language)

Selected literature for the automotive industry issued by the Czech Society for Quality, including VDA publications, can be bought in Slovakia on  ABP Management web page in the section „Publications“.

In 2016 ČSJ opens in Slovakia also VDA 6.3 Module E that will be opened in High Tatras as well as training session VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.5 under VDA QMC license in Bratislava and in Košice.

More information about training sessions under VDA QMC organized by the Czech Society for Quality in Slovakia, dates and prices (in Slovak/Czech language only)

More information about ABP Management – Czech Society for Quality partnership (in Slovak/Czech language only)