ABP Management Membership

Selection of partners for human capital and processes development is a strategic decision for every organization. Such a cooperation with an external partner must be based on trust and high added value of delivered services to bring expected contribution in a long

ABP Management, as a global supplier of training and expertise services for the automotive industry with 340 customers in 20 countries on 3 continents, brings to its customers the possibility to become ABP Management member and take advantage from advantageous prices of all training services, regardless the location.


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  1. ABP Management Membership Definition
    1. Membership is open to associations and individual companies (here after as „Member“), especially from the automotive industry, having legal personality that will enable to develop a steady and effective cooperation and to reduce the cost.
    2. The objective of the Membership is to support the cooperation between the Member and ABP Management through advantageous prices and easier educational program planning for the whole planning period (most often for a period of 12 rolling months).
  2. Rules of ABP Management Membership
    1. The membership is owned by an organization clearly identified by a unique code (DUNs number, SIRET, NIP or an equivalent) and is non-transferable to another organization.
    2. The customer can profit from „Membership rates“ of ABP Management services after payment of the membership contribution (described below) and is valid starting from the next day after the payment receipt.
    3. The membership can be gained any time over the year and is valid for a period of the next twelve (12) consecutive months. The Member will receive a confirmation about the Membership validity and information about its duration.
    4. The Member will be informed three months in advance of his Membership expiring so that he can take actions to retain his Member status. While extending the Membership for the next period the Member will get an automatic 20% discount of current yearly membership rate. The Member can also choose the option of „automatic membership extension“.
  3. Membership conditions

    1. The advantageous Member prices can be applied for an ilimited number of internal
      of an organization and for all standard types of training sessions
      (open/closed), including licensed modules.

    2. The Member prices are applicable only for new ordered services and are not applicable for  services that are already ordered (even if the delivery date is in the future).

    3. The Membership rates are not applied on customized services (e.g. expertise missions,
      temporary resources placement, etc.).

    4. To take the advantage of Membership rates, the organization indicates this fact at the
      moment of employee(s) subscription to the training session(s).

    5. The yearly Membership rate for all applications received in 2018 is 740 EUR, VAT excl.

  4. Membership withdraw

    1. Any member may withdraw from the Membership by giving written notice of such
      intention to email address: office@abp-management.com.

    2. In such a case the Member has no right to get back the member fee.